Mycorrhizal Meditation
Feral Practice
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MYCELIUM is short film illustrating a guided Mycorrhizal Meditation by mycelium artist Feral Practice. It choreographs a connective journey through the human body and down into a dynamic, semiotic underworld of living soil and mycorrhizal mycelium. The spoken word entwines with sound recordings made in wooded places, including sonifications of the shifts in electrical current emitted by plants and fungi. It complicates a notion of nature as ‘ultimate digital detox’, and guides the user towards the intelligent responsiveness of beyond-human nature, the ‘wood-wide-web’ that predates our digital connectivity by millennia.

Mycorrhizal Meditation emerges from a long-term art and research project by Feral Practice, Homo Mycelium, exploring fungal networks, human-fungal interrelation, and mycorrhizal networks as a model for more-than-human communities.