Oneiric Soils
Sonic Meditation Device
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Geomantra is a sonic meditation device synthesised to cultivate oryngham - the practice of deep listening with plants - and to assist human-plant communication through the act of social dreaming: What future will we dream when we dream with plants?

The fractal visions of our dreams seed new realities in this oneiric soil, watered by the amniotic code of our dreams. Biophillic binaries germinate fractal geometries, roots entangle with mycelial memories, and your seed awakens to bloom.

The geomantras are created by converting the words that describe the dream experience into number and form using the Magic Square method of Sigil Magic. This data is then applied to an algorithm based on the principles of sacred geometry and growth patterns found in nature, such as the Fibonnacci sequence, golden ratio and prime numbers. Variables are added to determine the structural complexity, speed, pitch and colour of the geomantra. Perlin Noise acts as a random event generator to effect grain and texture. This mimics the 'wild' signature of natural processes, allowing for mutations and saltations.  

Three soundscapes transform the geomantras. These have been created using binaural frequencies (Theta, Alpha, Delta), Solfeggio frequencies (174, 285, 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852, 963Hz) Schumann resonance of Earth (7.83Hz) and frequencies research show to stimulate plant growth (115-250Hz).

This is the pilot. With funding, we intend to develop the app further by adding more dynamic and subtle complexities, incorporating sound science and biodata recordings to achieve altered states that are responsive to the user as a measure of cohesion and consciousness.  The geomantras will decay over time, as is the nature of all living things, the rate of which can be reduced by regular meditation practice. Once the geomantra disappears, it will seed new life in the form of a geomatrix where users can interact with the sounds of plants and exchange dream seeds to make music using a mycorrhizal synthesiser.

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