James Stopforth
Cira Robinson
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Ebb & Flow is a climate action film by James Stopforth, featuring ballerina Cira Robinson. The score is by Jamie Perera. The costume Cira wears is made by biomaterialist Alice Potts, who takes the sweat of athletes and turns it into crystals.

Of this process, Alice says: “The crystals are time capsules, crystallising a moment in someone's life. Everyone's sweat is unique. Visually, there are things you can identify from just seeing the crystals – like the more-pointed structures indicate oestrogen, which obviously indicates female sweat, and the purity of a crystal shows a balance of health.”

Cira’s response was: “That’s the sweat from just doing what I love to do. Alice took a part of me and extracted the very detail of the effort I put into my work and crystallised it into form.”