Wild Alchemy Journal - Air Edition
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72 pages of text, smell, image and video from our global collective of artists and practitioners including new contributors Emanuele Coccia, Sam Lee, Ed O'Brien, Erin Robinsong, the Sheldrake family, Marshmallow Laser Feast, K Allado-McDowell and the European Space Agency.

The Journey:

The first inhalation of our journey begins with a divine breath and the primordial sound of a cosmic overture. Gas giant Jupiter commands the inky skies and calls to Aeolus, the keeper of the winds. Zephyrus decodes the cloud atlas from Endymion, in a state of entropy that moves matter through resonance as the Imhotep listens to the cellular dissonance and the alchemy of sound within his patient, dreaming of the hypogeum. Enchanted, we chant the song of the soul and tune in to the solfeggio frequencies dialling back to 432Hz. Nightingales hear our winter’s grief and herald the spring; night surgeons operating on our soul through their song as we digitise into the aviary; and swifts carry the message of our future in flight, dissecting the anatomy of a birdman to interpret the language of the birds. Fecund honeybees emancipate themselves from sexual slavery along the pollen path. We alchemise words written in the data garden and employ the art of ikebana in the spaces in between blossoms and stems. Marigolds scent the cemeteries on Dia de los Muertos as fishermen catch souls in butterfly nets and liminal out-of-body travellers join the souls hitchhiking in the smoke and chemistry of desire. A commonwealth of trees and lungs live in an ocean of air that morphs into the voice of a fly-ash particle, reclaiming contagion through community as psyche absorbs soul from mind, and memory rewrites its history in an air age of technobiophilia, where we can all be eternal. Air as medium mitigates our sense of separation and unites us in our collective opus. Air is time, and we blow out the dandelion clock, recalibrating our inner barometers for a new epoch. And breathe.