Transpersonal Tarot with Kiki & The Cosmic Egg
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A transpersonal tarot workshop and collective reading exploring our shadow through creative expression and ritual. Prior to the event, we invite you to create your own oracle card, using your intuition. This can be as basic or elaborate as you desire. In advance, you will receive a meditation and keywords as inspiration and guidance.

During the workshop, Kiki & Eryn will interpret your oracle card with mini readings followed by one larger communal reading & ritual spell casting. Here we will explore various techniques and recommendations on divination including: sigil making, intuitive interpretation, herbs to smudge and drink, crystal allies and connecting with the elements for guidance. Upon reflection, we will review tarot cards relevant to current times and their histories, as well as how and when to utilise tarot spreads.

This workshop will be 2 hours, 21st November on Zoom. 6pm GMT.

No previous tarot or divination experience is necessary.

Kiki & the Cosmic Egg

Kiki of Kiki & the Cosmic Egg (they/she) runs their self care educational practice to provide you to with a prescription to feel freedom. They guide cultivation of relationship to self and contextualise the mysteries of life. Kiki has spent 22 years studying under many masterful practitioners in order to provide you with an exquisite array of tools for understanding the intangible.

Eryn Elliott (she/her) is a methodical mystic. She is a powerful clairvoyant and guide of meditations utilising her eloquent voice and vision. She has a depth of knowledge for art and history, and is currently training as a transpersonal therapy counsellor. She interweaves all these practices together for an intoxicating textural healing experience.

Free places available for those with low income, please contact