Astro-Botanical Oracle Session
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1hr / 1-to-1 Sessions

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Astro-botanical consultancy based on your natal chart (cast with the date, time and place of birth) combined with an intuitive oracle reading of the Wild Alchemy Lab Astro-Botanical Remedy Deck and guided visualisation practices.

This is an opportunity to receive support and guidance from the plants and planets. We will explore the elemental balance of your chart and which plants and remedies can restore and maintain equilibrium. Using the chart and plant oracle deck as a template, we will look at ways in which to navigate and mitigate any situations you are currently experiencing.

We will go on a guided journey using visualisation techniques and active imagination to communicate with the plants and develop a practice that you can continue with in your own time.

You will receive a document containing your astrological chart, council of plants, along with rituals, remedies and meditations.