Astro-Botanical Remedy Deck
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Wild Alchemy Lab - An Astrobotanical Remedy Deck by Jemma Foster blending alchemy, wildcrafting, tarot and astrology.

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Each of the 52 cards in the deck features a wild plant, illustrated by Raxenne Maniquiz, accompanied by its astrological and alchemical correspondences. The back of the cards features a description of the key properties of the plant, folkloric uses, energetics and mythology, along with a recipe for a remedy that is medicinal, culinary or vibrational, to be used internally or externally.

The cards are divided into four suits, one for each element - Earth, Air , Fire and Water - with Aether corresponding to the whole. They can be worked with on multiple levels using a matrix of astrological, elemental and alchemical symbolism, depending on the experience of the individual, but can also be accessed without prior knowledge of these arts.

The accompanying booklet gives an overview of alchemical practices, astrology and wildcrafting, with oracle spreads to work with the wisdom of the plants in a divinatory context.