Alchemy & Myth Workshop
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Mushrooms for Transformation

October 24th, 5-7pm BST


In this two-hour online workshop, educator, researcher and mycologist Darren Springer will explore how fungi was central to the initiatory and ceremonial rites of Pan African and African diasporic communities for millennia. He will weave in the Goddess mysteries, the origins of these Mystery Cults and how they transitioned from ancient Africa and Mesopotamia to become encoded in European traditions. He will discuss the alchemical process and transformative state of psychedelic mushroom use and other advanced entheogenic technologies, their role in shaping humanity, and their place in society today as a conduit for healing trauma and inner expansion.

You will need Zoom to attend this workshop, a link will be emailed to you nearer the time.


Darren is primarily based in London where he teaches organic horticulture and food enterprise to young people and grows edible mushrooms as part of the Edible Utopia project at Somerset House. He is the Director of Ancient Future, the Convenor of the Psychedelia Railway Gatherings, and curator at Earth Tone Arts.

He has presented at Breaking Convention in London, the Detroit Entheogenic Conference, Ozora in Hungary, Altered in Berlin and numerous consciousness gatherings around Europe, the US and Africa, sharing his research on African Entheogenic plants and their various applications on the continent and the diaspora.

We have a few places available for those with low income or in a vulnerable position, please contact for details.